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If creation begins in a moment of release and chaos, the question of your capacity to live inside that chaos in a full, truthful and penetrable way becomes immediate.



Tom Bentley-Fisher has directed and performed in Europe, Canada, and the United States and taught at universities, theatre schools and on-going studio classes for over 30 years. He began as an actor, training in New York and London with Sanford Meisner and Yat Malmgren, and then performed in London's West End before moving on to directing and teaching. Tom has coached young actors preparing for some of the best US and British theater schools, and seasoned performers who now work with major companies around the world. He has served as Artistic Director of five professional theatres, and is currently at the helm of Tant per Tant, an international theater company based in Canada and Barcelona, Spain. Over the span of his career, Tom has developed a highly original approach to acting based on the work of his own mentor, Yat Malmgren, that brings a unique and detailed approach to unlocking hidden resistances, allowing the performer/writer/director to become astonishingly free. Tom's mentor Yat Malmgren's students included Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery, Patricia Neal, Colin Firth, and directors Peter Brook, Peter Hall and Tony Richardson, among many others. The work meets each person exactly where they are, right now, and allows for rapid growth and shifts.