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Animal trilogy, Pau Mirรณ, 2011-2013

Trilogy by Pau Miró

Translated by Elisabet Ràfols and directed byTom Bentley-Fisher

The three plays examine different perspectives on family ties, as well as the social and economic unbalances in our communities. They question the aggression and solitude generated by the growth of big cities, and the means people are willing to go in order to find comfort and a sense of belonging. Buffalos is a fable, Lions a thriller, and Giraffes a vaudeville.

Tant per Tant produced the English World Premiere of Buffalos in 2011 in Saskatoon, and will be producing the English World Premiere of Lions in Los Angeles in 2013.


A poetic urban fable in a laundromat 

Director Bentley-Fisher attributes the play’s power to its extraordinary use of poetry and theatricality as the playwright brings together the characteristics of the human and animal world. Five teenage siblings try to find order in a world that has seen them lose a father to  an electric guitar, a brother to a lion, and a mother to bingo and the church. The play is funny and tragic, chaotic and gentle, punctuated with original live music and the chronic discords of what should never have been said.

Directed by Tom Bentley-Fisher
Original music by Duane Dorgan
Design by Michael Bantjes

May 20-29, 2011 in Saskatoon



Late at night, a well-off young man wearing a blood stained shirt sneaks into a small family run laundromat in one of the city’s poorest and most violent neighbourhoods. It is imperative that this young man gets his shirt washed. What he encounters is beyond his wildest imagination.

Stage reading on August 7, 2012  at 8 pm, during the Fringe Festival

At The Refinery, 609 Dufferin Av.


A slice of life in a working class neighbourhood in Barcelona during the 50's. Exploring origins and identity. Time of repression and exile.

Stage reading August 9, 2013 at 8 pm, during the Fringe Festival